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A Channel to the Jones Act
People have had the urge to travel by sea for a very long time. Using sea as a means of transport has been great fun for people. Above all that, there are people who most of their time in seen to earn a living. In the sea, these people have dedicated their lives to serve people. Apart from it being fun you people traveling by sea, some problems are associated with different factors. There are instances where people would go and work in the sea and unfortunately get injured. It was so unfortunate that there was no proper way to save these people. Because of such problems, the Jones act was then put into action to save these people. It is a law that was put n place to compensate for all the damages in case an accident occurred in the sea.
There is always a history behind everything. The reason why the Jones act marime time was implemented was to enhance shipping during the First World War. In the United States that helped to increase the cost of shipping.
Not all vessels can be qualified as a Jones act vessel. The vessel was required to reach certain qualifications that were to be followed for it to qualify. There is a necessity of a vessel to have con It should also have a crew of about 75% on American residents. A shipping company that benefits the county’s economy is what they want that is why they put such a requirement. They have put all these requirements because they want to use the vessel as military ship in case there is war.
The Jones act has unbelievable things to think about. Building up the economy of the united states is one of the things it has helped a lot. People are highly waged working in the marine industry. Even the people who have graduated in that field are highly paid.
Temporary waiver is also welcomed some times. That happens for a very short time. A national crisis that would call for ships to be increased is when this happens. There are time when natural calamities influence that. Areas that are affected will receive help through these ships.
It is not to a surprise that the Jones act came with a controversy. Just because of their benefits, some people want the Jones act to be done away with. The country’s revenue will be lowered if this is done.
For national safety in the unite states, the Jones act has very many supporters who always feel they need it. Giving people stable job opportunities are what these people feel for it has brought the economy of the county high. There are full-time jobs for those people who are working in the shipping industry and that has brought a lot of joy to them.